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(2023) J-300 Owner's Manual. Hi, that could be low suction from a not very powerful pump, or other pipes also open like other skimmers or main drain, or loss of suction at hose connections between cleaner and skimmer. You can remove the cleaner from the pool while the pump is on, we often do it to test water flow. I recently purchased a Kreepy Krauly for my new pool, but upon installation using the dedicated vacuum port, I realized that the bottom of my skimmer does not have a spot to install the automatic regulator valve. You could make a DIY 90 deg elbow attachment to the skimmer, which will allow you to use the regulator. Any suggestions? Gold Supporter. Solution: Refresh the PVA levels by letting your pool cleaner sit in your swimming pool till brushes have softened - this usually takes around a half-hour or so. If more than that, remove equal amounts of hose from the 2nd and 3rd hose sections. Hi Richard, any chance that a line (pipe) could be clogged or restricted (partially collapsed if flex pipe) or something reducing the flow volume from the skimmer? And check the pump and pipes coming into the pump for an area that may be sucking air. Check the filter screens, located at the wall attachment, and in the hose on some newer models. all cords are plugged in.. Hi Kathy, Robotic pool cleaner I presume, check that the TEST button on your GFCI outlet is not tripped, and check the circuit breaker too. We buy a new MX8, but it does not clean the side walls of the pool. Optimum Pool & Spa, LLC. Thirdly, check out the valve hose as it would be disconnected at the gearbox or manifold. If it can perform these steps, try it in the pool again. What should I do? Sand looks normal in the filter. Offers remote services. What is the solution?? Remove the top cover where the wire enters the cleaner using the Philips head screwdriver to see the motor's connector. Covid-19 & Pools COVID-19 RESOURCE. Is this normal? Inspect the power cord very carefully, moving it through your hands to see if you moving the cord starts the cleaner again. Another possibility is that not all wheels are being powered. what can i do to get it to clean the rest of my pool. Home / Pool Equipment / Pool Cleaners / Automatic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide. If higher, adjust the flow regulator, to open it more, which will reduce the cleaner speed and climbing. You can also make adjustments to the thrust jets, on the bottom rear of the cleaner, loosening the screws and pushing the jets both to 10 oclock, or both to 2 oclock, or one at 10 and one at 2, will all change course or direction of the cleaner, which can solve step climbing, or getting stuck issues. Finally, check that the suction valves are open to give all suction pressure to the skimmer connected to the cleaner. Hi Rosemary, I read thru the manual https://www.intexcorp.com/support/ and it did not address air suction between hose sections, but I would first make sure all connections are tight (I assume they are threaded, but maybe they are twist lock). "datePublished": "5/22/2012", Suction side cleaners connect to a suction line in your pool, like the wall skimmer, or a dedicated cleaner line that sucks water into the filter pump. Greener Spa Cleaner Top Pro Exceptional 5.0 (140) Great value Offers remote services 230 hires on Thumbtack 1 similar job done near you Suzanne O. says, "David is professional and knowledgeable. Jacuzzi J - D300 Pool Cleaning System. Adjusting the cleaner speed is another way to overcome problems climbing the pool walls. Suction Pool Vacuum Troubleshooting Tips Something not quite right with your cleaner? Hi, When you restrict the intake lines, that causes small air leaks to open up into larger air leaks, with the increase in vacuum pressure. Check the tires often for obstructions or damages by slowly turning one wheel at a time. Hi, likely need a few new floats. I have an Inferno 2 XT-6 robotic pool cleaner that is still under warranty. What can I do to make it stay on the floor longer and actually clean the bottom of my pool? "address": "", Hi Vlad both ideas you mention can affect the travel pattern of the cleaner, as well as adjusting the suction flow rate (more or less). Setting up the vacuum is a simple matter of attaching suction hoses into the pool's pump system and turning the pool pump on. I have read several comments about too much pressure. Pump shafts spin at almost 3500 rpm, create tons of friction, and produce heat which can eventually make some parts break down. Request a Quote. Check the screen to be sure it's free and clear of any debris or sand. My sweeper hose keeps coming off my wall mount can my booster pump have to much pressure that it keeps blowing off my hoes. Robot will not climb walls Sometimes this problem is as simple as the pool water being too cold. "image": { Strong return line flows can push the hose and keep kreepy in only certain areas of the pool. And I have tried this on three different outlets with the same results. "author": { J-500 COLLECTION. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Another one is when the pump is running full steam, shut off pump, looking closely at suction side and strainer pot, looking for a quick spurt or spray of water, at the instant the pump shuts off. In such cases, redirecting the eyeball fittings or nozzle can fix the problem. If I give it a little push up the wall it will start to climb the rest of the way. Don't forget to rinse them after. Some modification to the drain cover could also be imagined, like an edge or bumpers around the drain, to deflect the cleaner as it comes close, but this may cause dirt and debris to build up around the raised edge not something Ive ever heard of doing, just a thought that just entered my head, may not be feasible. A lack of circulation could be the result of a dirty filter, a low level of water in the tub, or air lock in the lines. Summit Aquatics in Blue Springs, MO. It could also be a clogged pump basket or filter. Hi Robert, call the company and get warranty service on the cleaner. Check all the belts and pulleys for proper position and tension, and the wheels for proper alignment and movement. If not, thats an important part of installation. Accessories. learn more. Articles and resources for swimming pool owners and DIYers. This all starting happening after I cleaned my filter. Centennial, Colorado. Even so, you may need to use tools, like straight pliers or needlenose pliers. Copyright 2022 In The Swim. Do an RPM test by holding the cleaner under the water surface and counting wheel revolutions for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4. Is there a separate main drain valve or second skimmer that can be throttled? This is relatively easy to sort out. "logo": { Hi Joe, generally this means simply trapped air under the hood pull it up near the surface, flip it upside down (under water) and shake it a bit to release the air. Broken or shorted wires are typically located where the power cord meets the cleaner, where the stress on the cord is highest. Inspect your cleaner hose, each section for holes, and be sure they all fit tightly together. Is it bad for the vacuum to go above the water? Soak your filters in chemical cleaner every time you drain and refill your hot tub to extend their life and loosen any stubborn particulates. The floating cords can break inside the casing, without any external damage, especially near the cleaner, where it enters the cleaner. When cleaning swimming pools, use chlorine-compatible cleaners. Power Box and Control Motor Box have been tested, good. Strong pressure from wall or floor returns can push a cleaner away from certain areas. 60. The motor is the power of the operation. If you reduce suction power to the cleaner, by closing a valve slightly or by opening the flow regulator, if you have such a device connected to the skimmer, it should reduce the behavior and not climb walls so much. If it is turning, there is a problem with engagement between pulleys and belts, not the right amount of tension. (in your case, just to be sure that none are clogged). Zodiac Pool Cleaners Brochure. If held out of the water while running with the bag removed, throat, tail and thrust jets should all spray 15-20 feet. "@context": "https://schema.org/", (2020) Jacuzzi Play Owner's Manual. If its not climbing the walls like it used to, its probably also going slower. "primaryImageOfPage": { I have cleaned it and checked all connections. is the regulator valve essential to operating the kreepy krauly? It suddenly wont climb walls and it seems to only wanna turn 1 direction. Why isnt my robotic cleaner staying on to clean my pool,does that mean my pool is clean,cause I clean it everytime the kids get out. you have a suction side, pressure side, or robotic pool cleaner, you will eventually experience some problems, like the ones discussed below. 01 How do I know if my pump works? Whether you have a suction side, pressure side, or robotic pool cleaner, you will eventually experience some problems, like the ones discussed below. Hi My Polaris pool cleaner seems to be running fine except detail on my pool cleaner is not going back-and-forth. Established in 2005. I have a Pentair Easytouch control system and Pentair Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter CCP420. Ideally, the hose needs to reach from the skimmer to the farthest point of your pool, and still have a few feet to spare. Ive recently backwashed, cleared all baskets of debris, and checked to ensure nothing is stuck in the diaphragm. Can I fix this? The Baracuda G4 is built on Baracuda's long history as a global leader in automatic pool cleaning technology. if horizontal across the top, or loose (not locked in place), it will tend to spend more time on the walls. Hi, check the track for wear, on the outer edge and on the ribs on the underside. Increasing the pool cleaner speed is possible on pressure cleaners by closing the bleeder valve at the wall connection. Any ideas? Slight water loss around the hose swivels is normal. Now, i should say that if you are using a pump and filter system that is too large for the cleaner (it is meant to work with the 1500gph to 3500 gph Intex filter systems, then that could be the problem. Suction-side units tend to have smaller intakes, and without a booster pump, their suction power is often lacking. It had not been working well so I did a rebuild kit and also replaced the back-up valve. The power supply should have an indicator light showing that power is being received. Pressure side cleaner wheels can be shaft driven, belt driven, or chain driven. If it's clogged, remove it from the hose and return jet, and rinse it to dislodge and dispose of the debris. Rocks or sand can lodge in the wheels of a pressure side cleaner, preventing movement. Hoses and cables. If the cleaner moves, you know it's the filter. I have a Dolphin Nautilus that once turned on moves forward about a foot or two then reverses about a foot then stops moving. If your cleaner gets stuck on or under your pool ladder, install a ladder guard kit. If your automatic cleaner or pool vacuum isnt working, this is the post for you! Step 3 MEASURE SUPPLY VOLTAGE - Use a multimeter to measure the voltage to the motor. It is like it is not plugged in at all. lots of things to check, depending on your filter type! "dateModified": "5/22/2012", It could also be possible to fabricate something yourself, using plastic, wood or rope, to block the cleaner, or make it think that it has hit a wall. INST 448 Jacuzzi JVX Series Pool pump V10-17. My robotic cleaner is 4 years old. Powerful pool pumps create strong water flow, which can cause your suction side cleaner to move faster than normal. Build a pool or buy a house with a pool and need help? If your pool cleaner seems slower than normal, look for the cause of the pressure loss (or suction loss). This post covers common pool cleaner troubleshooting steps to help get your cleaner back into gear! So its sucking up dirt. Secondly, make sure that the wheels are properly adjusted and not missing teeth or any small parts. With over 10 years experience in replacing covers for all Jacuzzi models, we are sure to have yours on file. If the hot tub's control panel, it could be faulty . It might be too small, or too long to bring the necessary amperage to the power supply box? FAQs. Then after about 5 or 10 minutes it just stops. Hi Barry; at first glance I would say its not a cleaner problem, but it is related perhaps. Works perfectly fine on the skimmer. Hi Brian, only bad if the (suction) cleaner sucks in air. works fine the will all of a sudden float to the top and stay there???? Dolphin nautilus plus. Leaves, rocks, or other rubbish in the baskets will reduce your pumps water flow and slow down the suction side cleaner. It takes a lot of traction and suction to climb a pool wall without falling off. Polaris 7240 Sport Cleaner Brochure. Be sure there are no pressure leaks or suction leaks in the hose that connects to the cleaner, and that the hose is not getting in the way. Pool Cleaners, Pool & Hot Tub Service. Hi Jon, first make sure that the cleaner is in floor/wall mode. Hello I have a vacuum. Please advise. It has a second purpose of continuing to create some skimmer suction, but without a basket, whats the point. Have a Polaris 9350, which I have been using since I opened the pool about 10 days ago. $49900$624.98. This Polaris is on a separate pump. First, check the breaker box for blown fuses. A last resort may be to replace some hose sections. Check the belts (380 model). If this does not solve the problem, there is most likely debris wrapped around the Propeller beneath the Jet Valve or between the Valve Flap and the Valve Housing wall.. whew! "url": "https://intheswim.com/", Visit our pool cleaner parts department for any spares you need, or for more ideas to keep your pool cleaner from getting stuck. IN THE LAST COUPLE MONTHS IT HAS STARTED SUCKING THE TAIL PIECE INTO THE MACHINE. With the booster pump running, grab the pool cleaner hose, and slowly pull the cleaner toward you, inspecting the hose for leaks as you pull it out of the water. Also, ensure the pools surface is not covered in algae as this slippery surface will affect the cleaners traction. may not have enough suction from the pump, can you reduce suction from other lines, such as main drain or other skimmers, to draw more from the MX8 line? I was at a pool store and multiple people there could not figure it out, as it looks like it should work fine to them. Solution: Wash your cartridge filter. I have a Polaris Racer and theres nothing coming from the thrust jet. 20# silica. Cleaners Salt & Swim Troubleshooting Assistant. My Polaris 360 wheel turn On their own when i pull it out of the water, but when i put it in the water they do not turn on their own. My Polaris hose suddenly wont lock into place. 101. The leaf bag could be also full, holding the cleaner back from powering around the pool. When a cleaner is connected, this created some vacuum pressure, which makes it easier for air leaks to occur around the pump, and the pump would prefer to draw from other lines that are less work to draw from. the idea though, is that you only run the cleaner for 3 or 4 hours, and then you disconnect it, and the circulation is returned to normal. But you may not even need to use the regulator. SAND BACK TO POOL. Also, did you cut the hoses to fit the pool, shortening each in equal lengths? When it stops, tracks do not spin, but the impeller is still turning, with water flow coming out of. If your suction side cleaner does not cover your entire pool, check the hose length! Cleaner Does Not Move on Startup A faulty electrical connection is the main cause for startup issues. The free chlorine level is too low. Pool Equipment; Saunas; Cartridge and DE filters should be trapping the debris, and not passing debris. Adjusting the hose weights can affect the balance If the pool depth is More than 4 feet, but less than 7 feet use 2 weights: one 4 to 12 inches and one 6 feet from the swivel head. If the cleaner is receiving power, but not moving, faulty or old wiring is likely the cause. Also look for frayed or broken power cords. Hi Fred, is the o-ring missing or damaged? If pool is heavily contaminated, use main filtration system before using cleaner. I HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD HAYWARD POOL VAC. I would suspect the top wheel on the P825, but not sure. When I turn the valve back to the normal position, the vac stops but the pressure is normal and the water in the glass clears up. When I press the start button it wont start. Remove it and blow water thru the other way, or ream out with a small instrument. If that screen gets clogged, your pool cleaner will protest by freezing in place. Would this be a leak in the hose and how would I check that? Overview: As the global leader in third-party hotel management, our growing portfolio represents over 1,550 hotels in all 50 states and 22 countries, from top international lodging brands to luxury hotels, destination resorts and lifestyle hotels. Also check the inline strainer at the wall. First of all, you should check out the top/bottom valve as it could be damaged or the debris causes obstacles from closing and sealing the ball. Hi Laurence, yes a real pain when they climb too much! If your pool cleaner does not clean the entire pool, adjust the cleaning pattern or speed. Report. heres the owners manual: http://www.thepoolcleaner.com/PoolCleanerSUCTION.pdf. If the ball is not moving, then there may be pressure loss, perhaps in the hose or internally, some leakage of water, or it may just need more pressure by plugging another return line, cleaning the filter or other means. Detergents from cleaning compounds getting into the water. Hi Davy! Is there something like a connector I should use to keep the hose attached to the wall? A clogged basket or dirty filter are the two main causes for a sluggish suction side cleaner. FREE delivery Feb 9 - 14. It could be the pipe coming into the pump, the pump lid, or the o-rings in the 3-way valve. 03 Why is my pump noisy? I have a pressure (Polaris) cleaner and the hose keeps getting tangled in the front wheel. Secondly, the button on the wall fitting can be opened with medium channel pliers, to bleed off excess pressure at the wall. If not, you'll have to purchase a new one. Clean the intake hole by flipping the cleaner over and clearing out any debris. Optimum Pool & Spa, LLC Top Pro Very good 4.6 "description": "Automatic Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide - step by step instructions on care and repair processes for suction, robot and pressure pool cleaners." Tripped breaker: Breakers are built-in mechanisms to keep electrical systems from overloading. . Two very easy ways to keep your pool cleaner well maintained include: emptying its basket or filter bag often to ensure proper continual suction, and clearing its brushes of any tangled debris to ensure it can move smoothly and efficiently. Even if you clean the filter, a test you can do is if you have a sand or DE filter, you can put the valve on recirculate and run the system. First check the Dive Float Restrictor (#1) is in place, which locks into the Dive Float (#2), as seen on our Kreepy schematic parts page, if it is, but it still climbs too high, check that the flow is not too much; a slower speed will reduce the climbing ability, and can be accomplished by using the automatic regulator valve (#10) in the skimmer, where it connects, or by adjusting opening other suction lines (skimmer/main drain), to reduce the flow. It is a holiday home If it starts, cleaner starts moving around . If Zodiac MX6/MX8 is not climbing your walls, ensure the flow is correct by counting wheel speed. Remove any debris and check for damages to the skimmer and strainer baskets. "caption": "In The Swim Blog" My sharkvac is getting high ventered on the pump water intake drain on the bottom of the pool. Pool gets lots of grass, but it should be working great with all these adjustments. All Rights Reserved. Additionally, use the test meter to check that the power is reaching the motor. I also replaced the pump basket which was cracked. JACUZZI MANUALS AND USER GUIDES. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. Michael, air is the path of least resistance, your pump will prefer to pump air rather than water if it can. Our associates around the globe are passionate about serving our guests and driving exceptional results, and thrive in a culture where everyone is . Put it back in the pool and its still doing the same thing. You could try a different drain cover perhaps, a lower profile grate that lays flatter not sure what would work with your current drain make/model, but you want to be sure not to make the drain unsafe, to prevent any entrapment hazard. At this point, check the drive motor itself, to verify connections are tight. }, Other cleaners have too much height between the cleaner and the floor, to suck up algae or dust. 05 This is the most common . }. It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original manufacturer for use with Jacuzzi spas. Turn the unit off. The hose determines how much room the cleaner has to move in your pool. Hi, the pool vacuum hose separates from the wall when the pump shuts off (there is some back pressure I guess when the pumps arent work), and this pushes the hose out of the connection. Powered by the suction of the pumps water flow, suction side pool cleaners clean the whole pool in a random pattern while the pool circulation system is on. I have a compass pool cleaner and I really like it, it does a great job, but I need to change the cams out, but I can not find any information on what cams I should use. Loose wheels or loose drive belts can cause your cleaner to behave sluggishly. Start at the motor, holding the unit upside down and look for the T pin on the motor and see if it is moving or turning. A clogged basket or dirty filter are the two main causes for a sluggish suction side cleaner. Hi, it is likely a broken UWF (universal wall fitting), a threaded 1.5 fitting with two tabs inside, item 6-500-00. 8 ball of coke, goodwill color of the week'' schedule 2021, view from my seat lyric opera chicago,